Christian Online Dating Sites For 40+ (What’s Your Opinion)

                                    Guest Post by Crystal Mary
Crystal Mary and husband Ray on their wedding day

I believe that as with everything carried out on the internet, one must be very careful.

There are a lot of evil people in the world, ones who would sweetly con you out of a lot of money and break your heart, in the name of love. These predators are not just on secular or Christian dating sites they also work themselves into trusting relationships through Facebook. 

Okay, so how do you know you can trust them?   I met my husband on the American Singles site. At first we just wrote messages back and forth. Then I got a cam camera and he did also. I could talk to him at practically any time, so I felt safe about that. I also got his full name address and phone number and checked on line to make sure it was a valid one. Some men/women are actually cheating on a spouse and using the internet to do this. So by being able to see them in a room with an OPEN door, and talking to them at random times, when they are not at work, you will hopefully find out if they are trustworthy.

If at any time, you are asked for money, be suspicious. I have heard this can be done in many ways. They have a sick parent or sick child, or they themselves have an illness and haven’t got the money to seek medical help…. Hear the alarm bells!  Another ploy is, they are onto a great way to make some money, and this could be a business venture or real-estate. They ask you whether you would like to be in on it, it’s a sure thing and you will make a mint.  Hear the Alarm bells!

If they say they are a Christian, ask them what church they attend. Look it up and even contact the pastor and ask if the person is safe? How long have they known them? 

Don’t be impressed by photos of the said person standing in front of a great house, boat or car, it may belong to someone else.   It you have their address, look up the house on Google Maps as you sometimes get a photo view.   I’m not saying here to go after the best looking house, but it should add up to what you have been told.. Their photo may even be of someone ?  ALWAYS do your research.