The Fever

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My then-best male friend who is now my husband said to me, “Never look for a car, when you’ve got the fever.”  Of course, I had no idea what he meant. He explained, “Never go car shopping when your emotions are running high to buy a certain car.”  Now his fever statement made sense to me. I know it’s true that you should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. I have done this and have ended up buying a lot of snacks that looked good, but weren’t good for me.

A Christian single woman who is getting close to 40 or is older is especially vulnerable to developing “marrying fever.” Honestly, I think I developed the fever when I was getting close to age 30.  Since I missed my “getting married to Mr. Super Christian by age 27” deadline, I was anxious to find my guy. 

I dated pursuers who I might not have dated few years earlier. These guys had the personality, the career and all the other status symbols, but they didn’t have what I wanted them to have most: a strong relationship with God. One guy was a regular church-goer, but even he could see that his faith convictions were only on the surface.

While walking in my high emotional state of “want to get married fever,” I believe the Father was saddened. I was seeking marriage more than I was seeking a deeper bond with Him. I believe He was saying to my aching to get married state:
Yet I have this against you--that you no longer love Me as you did at first. Revelation 2:4 (Weymouth New Testament Translation)

Take a minute to examine yourself. Is God saying this to you?


  1. This is so me now...all I think about is getting married. I will be 41 in June ..I think getting older is a factor.

  2. Ruth, you know I’ve been where you are. One action step is to DO something that you enjoy when you find yourself thinking excessively about marriage. If you don’t have a hobby, then get one or revive an old one. Let’s still in contact inseasonmom (at)