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He looks at her with love in his eyes and asks her to marry him. She gently touches his face and thanks God for finding a man like him. Joining hand in hand, they take their daily stroll in the park as they ponder how the grandchildren will react to their wonderful news.

Wait a minute! Grandchildren? Isn’t this the beginning of a love story about the young and beautiful? Not necessarily.

Although, the two characters in my story are fictional, real people are shattering the misconception that you can’t be a day over 25 to find love.

My favorite marriage-myth shattering stories are people in their 70s or 80s reuniting with their childhood crush. Perhaps, both are widowed and no longer believe finding a mate to share the rest of life’s journey is possible. This misconception is one that they have in common with the “young” 40 and 50-something.

I know this is the reason I find the story of Rowland Fellows, 84 and Beth Ashley, 83 appealing. They met when he was 13 and she was 12 years old. They married 70 years later.

Mavis Walczyk and Ralph Black’s marrying 65 years after meeting is equally pleasing. They met when she was 8 and he was 11.

Years ago, I learned one of my grand-aunts married for the first time at age 65. Today, I read about a woman who was marrying for the first time at age 70!

Young love, without Christ, is often based on physical appearance, popularity or wealth. Older people have seen that time brings changes in physical appearance, popularity and wealth.

Although I don’t know the spiritual beliefs of any of these people I cited in this blog, I believe when the old finds love, it should be honored and celebrated.


  1. How wonderful!! I have heard of people that loved each other being separated, and then meeting again years later..It warms your heart to hear such stories.

  2. I agree Crystal Mary the stories are so heart-warming! Thanks for posting your comments.

  3. I love it especially since I've reunited with my childhood sweetheart..

  4. Yolie, how exciting! You must share your reunion me.

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us.

  6. May, I appreciate your comment and you're welcome!