Holiday Survival Tips For Christian Singles
 Thanks again to Marie Roker Jones for having me as a guest on Raising Great Men on Friday. I didn’t realize my southern accent was so heavy (smile).The interview was recorded so you can still hear the interview if you follow the link listed in my last post.

Holidays can be a mentally challenging time to be single. While you enjoy being around family and friends, you can soon feel left out of their “couple” conversations. Here’s something for you:

Cynthia’s Holiday Survival Tips

1-Be Prepared For the Battle-Put On Your Armour of Prayer and Faith

Movie theaters and television flood the screen with love stories during the holiday season. It’s a smart business decision for them, a money-making season.

Don’t believe the lie that you are the only person on the planet without a mate or that you can’t make it through another day (or at least this holiday season) being single. The Enemy wants you to doubt God’s infinite love for you. Reading Isaiah 43:1-4 always reminds me that God loves and knows me personally. I’m not just part of the mass population in the world to God. I am His. He knows my name and loves me!

He knows the challenges you have being single. He knows the challenges you have with your career, your children, etc. He knows how much you long to be married. He knows and loves you.

2- Handling the “When Are You Getting Married?” Question

Answer- for Christian friends and family:

(in a polite tone) Well, you know God has a season for everything. And as soon as He lets me know, I’ll let you know (change subject or walk away).

Answer-  for non-Christian friends and family:

(in a polite tone) Marriage is serious business. I would rather not get married than spend the rest of my life miserable because I married the wrong person (change subject or walk away).

3-Use the same respond above to the comments, “you better not wait too long because you’re not get younger.” The truth is God does have a season for everything and many people who continuously ask you about marriage are in miserable marriages.

One television minister said, “Half of the people who aren’t married want to get married. And half the people who are married want to get out of being married!”

If you need an extra boost of words of faith during the holidays, pray first, then email me. Keep Concentrating On Your Blessings!