Marrying Over 40- October 2011 Spotlight- Crystal Mary Lindsey

Crystal Mary is a retired Registered Nurse (BSN) holding a Post Graduate Degree in Mental Health and P.H.T.L.S. in Emergency Medicine. She also has a Diploma in Professional Counseling/Psychology.  Crystal Mary resides in sub-tropical Queensland, Australia, with her beloved American husband Raymond and their little Australian terrier dog Monty. She blogs at

Pictured above-Raymond and Crystal Mary in church
Here is Crystal Mary’s inspiring story of Marrying Over 40 in her words:

Life can be funny. I came out of a violent marriage and never wanted to enter in again. I was working in Emergence medicine and completing another degree.

Life was hectic with not much social life. One of my colleagues, a doctor, was having lunch with me one day and told me I needed a life. Two days later, he said the same thing. This time he told me I was too young to be alone, (what! I was fifty- nine). I looked good for my age as I didn't drink, smoke or eat a lot of takeaway.

I met a man from Tennessee online who looked like a country boy. He was shy and kind and we got on well. I got a cam camera and so did he, so we could see and talk to each other. We did this for four months. I never believed I would meet him.

Anyhow, another friend was trying to persuade me to go to a Christian conference in Chicago. My mother told me I should go, it would be good for me, so I made plans.

I told Ray from Tennessee that I was going to Chicago. I didn't ask to meet him. I believed that was up to him, if he were interested.

To cut a long story short, he had been married twice and had lived alone for 28yrs. He had one married son. He was also a Vietnam vet, ex marine.

I had been alone for about 10yrs. We liked each other and had similar interests and natures. He asked me to marry him very quickly, probably because I would have gone back to Australia and he would never have seen me again.

We have now been married for seven years and are happy together.

Cynthia's note: I want to thank Crystal Mary for sharing her story and for being a fellow believer that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD! (Matthew 19:26)…even marrying after 35 or 40! If you know a believer who married again or for the first time after 35 or if you fit this category, please email me the details. Thanks and Blessings!