My Grandfather’s 100th Birthday Party and the Experts

Pictured above-Grandfather with great granddaughter at his 100th birthday party!

I attended my grandfather’s 100th birthday party on last week. I felt proud as he received honors for his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement from President Obama and other state, local and church officials. I beamed with pride as he was presented with our state’s flag and I learned that all members of my state’s Congress stood in honor of him during their last meeting.

"I'm not a big fella, but I got a big heart and a big mind,” he said as he accepted one of his awards. His key for long life is “treating people right and trusting God.” The memory that I hold dearest is seeing him dancing at his 100th birthday party!

According to the finding of some experts, a 100th year old man is NOT supposed to be dancing or giving acceptance speeches. No doubt, the forerunners of these same experts told my grandfather that once he became 40 that his best days were behind him. They probably said what he didn’t accomplish in the first half of his life, he wouldn’t accomplish in the last half.

Often experts try to convince single Christian women over 35 and 40 that they have no hope of marrying a godly mate. Single Christian women over 35 and 40 are lead to believe that they have missed their chance for marriage. They are made to feel too old or not attractive. Little do the experts know that our God specializes in the impossibility (Matthew 19: 26).

It’s hard to say how my grandfather responded to the experts who said his best days were behind him once he reached 40. Probably the experts have mistaken his overall easy-nature as weakness. Yet, his response  prove most powerful 60 years later as he accepted awards from dignitaries and danced at his 100th birthday party!

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